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The InXpress Lifestyle

InXpress gives you the opportunity to build a flexible and scalable business, all with the backing and support of a global franchise system.


InXpress is a global network of over 300 franchisees that offer SME's express, freight and mail services through world-class carriers that our customers know and trust. Our InXpress franchise opportunity gives individuals with business or management experience the platform to develop their existing skills to build a scalable and flexible business with high earning potential. 

It's really this simple

  • You find business customers that need reliable and cost-effective shipping partners.

  • We Provide you with access to global freight distribution, tracking and accounting systems you need.

  • Your customers ship through an automated system.

  • You get paid every time a customer sends a parcel.


Check Out What Our Franchise Partners Have To Say!

Edmond Leung

Hong Kong Franchise Partner Since 2014

When I bought my franchise, I had no previous experience of running a business and so quitting my job to focus full-time on it was scary! However, as an employee I had little free time and no decision-making capacity, and I knew that an InXpress franchise was the best way to achieve the freedom that I craved. 



In 2017 my business grew by 93% and I was activating 10 customers a month. In 2018 I want to grow by a further 60-70%. Three years in, and my franchise has given me the freedom I wanted.  The beauty of the InXpress model is that I don’t need to be in a physical office. If I have my phone and laptop, I can be wherever I want and still manage the business

The InXpress Difference

Experience the benefits

Passive Income


Flexible Hours


Unlimited Earnings

Who is an Ideal Franchisee?

Qualifications of a successful InXpress Franchise Owner

We don’t expect franchise candidates to be experts in global shipping. That’s the expertise we and our global partners bring to the table. The best background for our ideal franchisee is outbound sales and marketing, or — and this is an important distinction here — a willingness to learn outbound sales and marketing.

Successful salespeople tend to be high-energy. They are often the sort of folks who light up a room and know how to work a crowd. They love to create connections and develop relationships. And they’re definitely not afraid to hustle. 

“Our value proposition is easy to demonstrate — we can show 11 to 33 percent savings. Many customers are willing to give us a try, and over time we earn more business,” says Ken BrockBank, Chief Training Officer and InXpress franchisee. “I’ve been a successful franchise owner. Everyone on the board of directors has franchises. One of the differences at InXpress is we were franchise owners first, so we’ve all been in your shoes. 

 “Business experts will tell you the best businesses are the ones with high residual income. When we’re training you, we are teaching from a position of experience because we’ve actually interacted with customers, we’ve closed deals, we have dealt with customer issues,” he says. 

The ideal franchisee for InXpress is a good communicator, has a desire to serve and is comfortable talking to people. They’re highly trainable, and they’ve got self-confidence. They’ve also got $160,000 to invest in a new business, and a strong desire for that business to be open within 90 days.

Which category describes you?

Still wondering whether you’re the right fit for InXpress? Take a look below at eight basic categories that our franchisees tend to fit into: 

  • Sales animals. You’ve got the proven track record in the field of outbound sales and marketing, or a willingness to learn and master consultative sales. 

  • Female entrepreneurs. Women tend to do very well within our organization. 

  • Millennials. Some businesses require years of experience to succeed. Our business is more about hustle. CEO Dustin Hansen, a Millennial himself, opened our first U.S. franchise in 2006. 

  • First-time business owners. Some businesses are complex and require a highly sophisticated and well-capitalized entrepreneur to succeed. Our business is a very low cost of entry and lends itself to first-time businesspeople. 

  • Mid-career transitioning professionals. Successful people looking for recurring revenue tend to be just as eager as millennials to join our brand and build a legacy. 

  • Veterans. People who have been in the armed services have a skill set that aligns with our business, and we support our servicemen and women with special discount programs. 

  • Minorities. As a global company, we work with people of all ethnicities from many different countries. 

  • People in small and mid-sized markets. Fun fact: Our most successful franchises are in Provo, Utah, and Jacksonville, Fla., which are markets you might not expect to be leaders for international shipping. The truth is that the need is everywhere. 


What ideal franchisee candidates should know about us

We can sum up our value proposition as a business in 5 points: 

  1. Our business requires more sales hustle than sales skills. You don’t have to have any knowledge of the shipping industry, just business acumen and people skills. Our value is easy to demonstrate and communicate to customers. You just have to get in the door to have a conversation. 

  2. Low entry cost. Our lean business model lets you work from home, with no employees until you’re ready to scale up and add assistants or sales reps, in a high-need business in a multi-billion dollar industry. 

  3. Underserved market. Small to mid-sized businesses with fewer than 500 employees have a lot of shipping needs that just aren’t being met. The larger carriers just aren’t set up to handle the needs of smaller customers. By guaranteeing millions of dollars in revenue, InXpress negotiates steep discounts not available to these small and mid-sized companies. By making check-in calls and visits, our franchisees provide far more personalized service than the overseas call centers they’re often routed to. 

  4. Experienced leadership. Our executive team, from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to the Chief Training Officer (CTO), understands what our franchisees need, because they’re franchisees, too. InXpress leadership earned their positions by performing and operating the same business InXpress franchisees own and manage. 

  5. Scaleability. You start off with your own skills and a laptop. We show you how to find the customers, and you can grow from there. Our top-performing franchisee in 2015, Cathy Battreall, treated herself to a Maserati in Q4 2015 for meeting her business goals. 


We have nearly 100 franchises in the U.S. and almost 300 around the world. If you’ve got what it takes to be an InXpress franchise owner and think you’d be a good fit with our growing company, please call us at +852 2388 7101.). 

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